Place and Pattern

I live in Idaho, in a place where a river runs along the edge of the foothills, and the foothills turn into mountains that sustain their momentum into British Columbia.  Idaho has challenged me to continually look at my art with new eyes, and to develop a relationship with the place I live.  My lifelong fascination with pattern and symbol has been deeply affected by this beautiful place I am privileged to live in and interact with.  Place has offered to inform me how it can amplify my work with yantra and my understanding of Divine.  Place fills my eyes, my thoughts, my heart with patterns and colours that are alive and demand my presence in the moment.  Place has anchored me, and unchained my consciousness.

Being a studio artist involves the choice to be in my own quietude a good portion of my waking hours.  Through this blog I hope to share my process in my studio, sharing not only the creation of new work but the influence of place and my life on that work. 

I encourage your feedback, your stories, your own understanding of Place, and its influence in your life, your work, and your spiritual journey.  The comments section below provides YOU the place to join a dialogue. I look forward to hearing from you!