When almost three years pass since the last post...

Three years ago I thought the Muse had returned and I would have time to create in my studio once more. I was wrong beyond my wildest expectations. I had to leave my home and life as I’d known it to return to where I’d grown up, to care for two parents with Alzheimer’s and countless illnesses and disabilities on top of that one, jointly shared diagnosis. I had to confront all the things that I thought I’d already confronted…lots of cleaning up to do in my own Land of Consciousness. My health took a hit so severe I questioned whether I would survive my chosen responsibilities. I negotiated the mental health system on behalf of my mother, in a state so far removed from the needs of those unable to negotiate it themselves, I thought I would never stop crying. I was honored to sit death vigil twice, in a hospice facility placed in the middle of the most beautiful forest setting one could imagine. And then, I was free. Somehow the entire, perfect course of events, launched me in to a state of freedom…so profound and so unexpected, it took me a year to trust and exhale.

I returned to my beautiful family and home in Idaho, exhausted to the core. I took refuge in immersing myself in the ongoing permaculture urban farm project I’d previously started. I was, and remain, clear and contented, yet energized and embracing ‘what is’ in a way I have never done before. I fell, and continue to fall in love with everything. I continue to regain my health in astounding ways. I quit all social media, and decided to let the internet exist without much interaction from my side. I have found I now think very much like I did before being an early adapter to computers and digital media.

The arrival of our first grandchild this past summer threw my heart into a new stratosphere. And that, in turn, has brought me back in to my studio with a new sense of excitement and exploration that exceeds anything in my previous experience. I have decided to take this website and split it in two. The Sacred Images side will continue to offer prints. The PennyLea Mackie side will focus on side of my studio life that explores many other materials and concepts. The website split will probably not occur until winter. The re-organized version of me lets things happen much more organically, and I try to keep deadline commitments to a minimum.

The Muse became flesh with the arrival of my Grandson, and I cannot wait to see what comes through me in the studio. I am home!

Cody and Bunny.jpg