All My Inspiration

In many ways, early January is my favorite time of the year, because in Western society, it brings momentum.  I crave momentum by early January.  Living in the north, this momentum is magnified by being able to spend as much time indoors as possible, as the gardens are deep asleep.  My interior life has no edges during this part of winter, and my thoughts skate endlessly with the snows.  I revel in the blacks and whites and shades of gray, thinking carefully about color...restrained thoughts of color. 

I am filled to over-flow from the holidays this year.  Filled with the renewed awe of,  and endless love of family and friends.  My discipline for a month, was to practice none whatsoever.  I succeeded.  I have brought that lack of discipline back up into the studio, where I let the hours go by without interruption, dream big thoughts, and contemplate new directions.  The space in my head has never been so large, nor have I ever been as excited about what will come from this.

The picture is my family...a very large part of my inspiration.