Where DID those Muses go?

They seem incredibly buoyant,  tanned and well-rested upon their return.  They also seem quite amenable to staying for awhile.  They really don't feel compelled to explain their absence for the past three years, or what that has meant to my Studio Life.

With their return I feel a great sense of relief, a giant exhale.  NEVER have they taken off for such a long period of time.  No word, no attempt to reassure.  Gone. 

Those three years felt very long.  Not only was there a complete lack of inspiration, but Studio Life was usurped by a long run of challenges.  It was a slog . . . to the point that I'd dubbed 2015 'The Disease, Deconstruction and Death Tour'.

Now they are back!  Their return as mysterious as their disappearance.  I imagine them having frolicked in studios, writing rooms and at kitchen tables across the globe.  I caught awesome glimpses of them through the work of others.  I learned long ago it is of no use to try and fathom what just happened.  Why three years?  Why return now?  No, my job is to simply be present to what I have now.  Now I see them.  Now I can submerge myself in letting the inspirations fly!  

No saint am I, I DO have preferences, and I prefer Studio Life in the company of the Muses.  Welcome Back!